Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of Century NYC

Name: Chantal Chadwick
Job: Co-owner of End of Century NYC
jacket:Horace     アウター:Horace
Jumpsuit:Acne    ジャンプスーツ:アクネ
Bag: 1 per Diem   バッグ:1 per Diem
Shoes: LD Tuttle   シューズ:エルディータートル

I met Chantal a year and half ago,
and this is my third times to shoot her.

The first one was when she was a student,
second one was when she was a OAK staff,

She is now the co-owner of store and
managing the business with her business partner.

It is fascinating and is my honor to keep
a record of people's interesting life in NYC.

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